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OTB TV | The questionable '80s, Amy Poehler's 'Moxie' & Parks and Rec

Sue Murphy joined Ger Gilroy and Eoin Sheahan on OTB AM to bring us all the highlights from the w...

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OTB TV | The questionable '80s, Amy Poehler's 'Moxie' & Parks and Rec

Sue Murphy joined Ger Gilroy and Eoin Sheahan on OTB AM to bring us all the highlights from the world of entertainment in this week's OTB TV.

Moxie – Netflix


This new release on Netflix is Amy Poehler’s latest movie. While Sue admitted she definitely wasn’t the intended target audience of the film, she was still massively appreciative of what it aimed to do.

It follows a young girl called Vivian who decides to release a zine around her school as she’s fed up with how the boys are treating the girls, leading to the start of somewhat of a revolution amongst the female population.

“If you’re a teacher and you have a class full of teenage girls show it to them” Sue eagerly suggested

“The amount of times when you’re a young teenage girl and you want to say ‘no, that’s not acceptable' and you don’t because you want to kind of roll with it a little bit; I’ve been through that, I’m sure every woman in the world has been through it and its just a great thing to show to kids”

The film also expertly raises lots of questions over what’s just ‘bothering someone’ and what is harassment and Sue suggests should also used by parents to facilitate some conversations that are very needed in our modern society.

Often these types of film really need to be good for the message to carry and thankfully that is the case for Moxie, especially when it comes to the characters. “You root for her [Vivian], you really want her to succeed.” There is also a refreshing break away from the traditional ‘high-school cliques’ that Sue was a huge fan of.

“You can really feel that it’s coming from [Amy Poehler’s] point of view of ‘do you know what, we’ve had enough!’”


Coming 2 America - out tomorrow on Amazon Prime

coming 2 america

This new release is a sequel to the ‘80’s film Coming to America, which follows a rich African prince as he travels to the U.S. in order to find a wife capable of looking after her own needs.

It comes out tomorrow on Amazon Prime and is currently under an incredibly strict embargo, meaning little can be said about it at the moment.

However, it did encourage Sue to go back and rewatch the original film and it certainly brought about some interesting questions over films from the ‘80s: how were they allowed?

‘I watched this almost back-to-back with Moxie and the way they talk about and treat women is really [not okay]!”

“It’s really not acceptable” was Ger’s straightforward take. “The most famous scene in it is completely and utterly unacceptable, it's criminal. In the ‘80s everybody would have laughed at it, but now you realise it’s a crime”

While she’s not a fan of old films being edited to make them more modernly acceptable, they should exist just as they were, watching Coming to America back she found it hard not to cringe at the lack of decency shown.

“I know when I saw those films first, you never even thought about it and it’s mad that in the current lens when you’re looking back you’re like ‘Wow, we should really be talking about how these films are really not acceptable anymore!”

Eoin threw The Breakfast Club into the mix too under the ‘unbelievably creepy’ category when it comes to bad 80s films. “It does a lot of things right, but what it does wrong is absolutely awful.

“I only watched it for the first time a couple years ago, what was the eighties doing?” he questioned. “When was there a time when people watched this and thought ‘thumbs up to this movie because it’s hip and the soundtrack is great! We’re now going to not talk about this [unacceptable scene] in the middle'?

“I can see why people love the film and it’s got such a cult following, but a lot of that gets erased when you see that particular moment.”

“That’s a whole genre in the 80s. That whole [concept] of young boys creeping on women. Every summer there would have been two or three movies in that [category]” concluded Ger.

Parks and Recreation – Amazon Prime and Netflix

parks and rec

As a person who doesn’t often rewatch things, Sue has gone back to Parks and Recreation twice now and is very happy to have it as this week's rewatch-recommendation.

“Rewatching it the second time, I realised how brilliant the characters are by the time they get to season two. How much they bed in and they all get used to each other and their own little jokes."

There was also a lot of praise for the comedic value of the series and in particular the scriptwriting, or more so the lack thereof “I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of improvising in that script and they just go with it.

“I just love the series; I think the five seasons don’t lag in any point and it ends brilliantly which is hard to do in a series like that.”


OTB TV will be back with Sue Murphy next Thursday on OTB AM.

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