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OTB TV | Western Escapism, The Great Fleabag Debate & lots of love for 'It's a Sin'!

OTB TV with Sue Murphy was back again on this Thursday’s OTB AM to bring us the latest on what ...

OTB TV | Western Escapism, The...
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OTB TV | Western Escapism, The Great Fleabag Debate & lots of love for 'It's a Sin'!

OTB TV with Sue Murphy was back again on this Thursday’s OTB AM to bring us the latest on what to watch and what’s out there to catch up on!

News of the World – Netflix

This is a new Netflix film, starring Tom Hanks and directed by Paul Greengrass. Unusually though, it's of the western variety.

“I think anyone who’s into Paul Greengrass will be a bit astonished by this because he’s usually an action movie director who really likes long, tracking shots that go on for a long time.

“There’s some of them in this, but there’s certainly not the level of action that you would have seen.

“He’s excellent at tension. There’s a couple of moments in this film where I actually had to fast-forward a tiny bit of it because I was so tense” confessed Sue.

“It revolves around Tom Hanks who goes around from town to town, reading the news to people just after the American civil war” she explained. “He comes across this little girl who has basically been orphaned twice and he decides that he’s going to take her home.

"I’m really shocked by some of the reviews that are talking about how amazing it is. I don’t think it's life-altering, but I actually really enjoyed it. It’s just a nice film.

"The girl in it, Helena Zengel is brilliant. Because a lot of the film she can’t actually speak, so their relationship is all through signs and actions and it's just emotional.

“Definitely worth a watch” concluded Sue.

Firefly Lane – Netflix

“Oh, this is pure crap!” said Sue off the bat.

“I feel like I needed to tell you about this because it's become some sort of a weird addiction. It’s so bad, but yet so addictive! I feel like I need some sort of counseling after every episode.”

Based on a book, the ten episodes follow two best friends Tully and Kate. “The first episode is actually pretty sad because one of them suffers a horrendous sexual attack and they kind of have this bond because of it.

“She tells the other girl and they never tell anyone about it again. Over 30 years that has been the formation of their relationship and everything that happened afterwards.”

Regardless of its serious outset, this isn’t the overall tone. “Bad TV is a stretch, it’s just not great. It not hard to watch; it's real bubble-gum, it's real escapism and I think a lot of people will like it. They just keep giving you crumbs and then you’re like ‘okay, I’ll have to go along with this’.

“There is some nice flash moments, but I just feel like a lot of people are going to be watching this going ‘what can’t I stop?!’” warned Sue!

Fleabag – RTÉ Player


“Obsessed”, that’s Sue’s general input on her rewatch-recommendation this week.

“She (Fleabag) breaks the fourth wall and she speaks to the audience, she’s trying to be really funny and mischievous, but you can tell something is going on in the background. She is heartbroken, [that’s] the real story.

“It's beautifully written, it’s [about] her relationship with her sister and her best friend who has passed away. It really is punch-you-in-the-stomach brilliant and then really, really funny at other parts. Its just such good TV!”

Ger wasn’t quite of the same opinion, “I’m not on board the fleabag train, its grand” he retorted.

“We started it, watched three or four episodes and have not gone back. I did not see the mass hysteria that there was about Fleabag being the greatest thing that’s ever happened, it was grand.”

Sue, backed by Eoin, wouldn’t let him have the last word though “No, it is very good, by the time you get to the end of that last episode you’re like ‘oh god, that is lovely!’”

It’s a Sin – All 4

its a sin

Surfacing once again on the OTB TV picks, Channel 4’s It’s a Sin was another recommendation this week.

“It’s about the aids crisis in the 80’s and 90’s so just prepare yourself for trauma and tragedy” warned Ger. “It’s an awful, awful time in human history and yet I found it absolutely brilliant TV!”

“It is brilliant, absolutely brilliant” Sue was happy to agree this time.

“It is a really special programme. It’s so well written, you have this lovely heart-warming thing that’s happening on one side and then the absolute tragedy on the other and that last episode just absolutely killed me.”

“I just loved this entire series!”

Written by Catherine Murphy

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