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Emma Twomey has her sights set on the professional ranks

Emma Twomey is looking to the future and targeting a professional racing career after her recent ...


Emma Twomey has her sights set on the professional ranks

Emma Twomey is looking to the future and targeting a professional racing career after her recent win in the Rybo Ladies National Handicap Chase at Fairyhouse.

The amateur jockey took first place while riding Kavanagh's Corner and having clinched her maiden victory, Twomey told Ger Gilroy and Johnny Ward on Friday Night Racing that she is now looking forward to similar success as a professional.

"I have the conditional license so I am serious about giving it a go, definitely," Twomey confessed, when asked had she intentions to turn professional.

"You would not be in the game otherwise. It is very competitive but, like I said, I am very lucky to be at Henry [de Bromhead] and given the opportunity to give it a go."

For his part, de Bromhead was ecstatic for the young jockey.

“I’m delighted for her as she plays a big part in our operation. She’s had point-to-point rides and over hurdles and on the flat for us. She’s been with us on and off for years and wanted to come back and give the race-riding a go," he said, in conversation with

How recent racing success has fuelled Twomey's ambition

Rachael Blackmore has proven to be a guiding light for Twomey. The young amateur credited Blackmore with assisting her in the lead up to the National Handicap Chase.

"Rachael Blackmore has been very good to me. She has helped me so much," Twomey said.

"I am definitely thinking of the season ahead. I know everyone says when they get a winner that they want another one but it really is true."

Emma Twomey credits racing sensation Rachael Blackmore for helping her achieve success. Photo by Seb Daly/Sportsfile

For the immediate future, Twomey is seeking further experience to build both her profile and her skills in the saddle.

"I just would love to get as much experience as I can now and really work on my seat and racing position."

With most of her experience in the area of jump racing, Twomey still manages to get out and ride on the flat which is something that she enjoys immensely.

"I do manage to pick up a few spins on the flat. I enjoy riding on the flat but my heart has always been with the jumpers."

Learning from others who have paved the way

Although Twomey admits there has never been any negativity cast her way as a female jockey, she is proud of the ladies who have come before her.

The aforementioned Blackmore, Katie Davis and Nina Carberry have blazed a trail for women in the sport and Twomey looks towards these for inspiration.

"She has definitely done amazing things in racing," Twomey said commenting on Blackmore's brilliance.

"The likes of herself, Katie and Nina really removed any stigma around ladies getting their licenses and pursuing a career as a jockey.

Irish racing star Nina Carberry Photo by Sam Barnes/Sportsfile

"They have definitely helped in that sense but I have never really felt that I have been discriminated [against] for being a lady rider, so to speak."

With Twomey's recent win helping to build her profile as a jockey, she has now signed with agent Gary Cribben and hopes to continue the good run of form that has led her to this point.

"I've recently gotten an agent. I've gone with Gary Cribben so I am hoping that will give me more options as well.

"It always helps to have somebody on your side to help get your name out there but really it is people seeing you riding and seeing your name down on the paper. Hopefully, that encourages others to want to put you on board."

It is clear that there is a bright future ahead for Twomey and in 2021 she will be hoping to drive forward and rack up more wins in the saddle.

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