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Ciaran Frawley is the key for the Emerging Ireland tour - Andy Dunne

Andy Dunne believes that Ireland are going to use the Emerging Ireland tour to test the leadership qualities of Ciaran Frawley.

Ciaran Frawley is the most important player on the Emerging Ireland tour, says Andy Dunne.

Ciaran Frawley was the surprise of the Ireland tour to New Zealand this year. Unless you consider Ireland's series win to be a surprise.

The out-half-turned-center turned back into an out half and now it looks like the Ireland management team have had to reshuffle their ideas at the position. Harry Byrne's lack of health, Joey Carbery's lack of health and Ben Healy's lack of development keep the door ajar for a new face at 10.

Frawley will get a chance to start three games in South Africa on the Emerging Ireland tour. But Andy Dunne thinks it's about more than just his performances on the field.

Dunne thinks that Frawley will be the leader of the squad and fill that Jonathan Sexton role as captain.

"What I actually think the entire thing is about giving Ciaran Frawley three games in a row," Dunne said.

"I may well be proven wrong, but it's such a mishmash of players at all levels, yet Ciaran Frawley is going. He is someone I believe they are really seriously looking at. And I think they're saying 'Go down to South Africa with a group of adults, kids, mixed abilities. Into a tough environment and manage it.

"They need an executive decision-maker who can manage on the field, who can be demonstrative, who can be loud, vocal, give direction, give reassurance. So send him down to South Africa with a motley crew and say 'Manage it'.

"Because there's too many guys there who have not got a chance of the World Cup.

"I like the idea because I think he's got something in him that he can make that next step."

Ireland need more depth at 10 but Frawley won't play much for Leinster. He won't play at all for Ireland in November or the Six Nations unless something dramatic happens. Since Ireland aren't willing to sit Sexton during those games, they needed this opportunity to blood the succession project.

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