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Rassie Erasmus and the curious case of the egg Twitter account

Eagle-eyed social media users have spotted something... interesting with a Twitter account retwee...


Rassie Erasmus and the curious case of the egg Twitter account

Eagle-eyed social media users have spotted something... interesting with a Twitter account retweeted by Rassie Erasmus this weekend.

Questions have been raised about Erasmus retweeting an account named Jaco Johan who highlighted some apparently-questionable decisions against Erasmus' side.

Some speculated that the interests of this account and those of Erasmus overlapped - Monday Night Rugby was joined by Gordon D'arcy and journalist Ruaidhri O'Connor on the approaches of the sides.

Rassie Erasmus

"It is very unusual that the South African director of rugby and former World Cup-winning coach would be out on social media retweeting an account with 27 followers, with an egg profile picture, that has the technical savvy to come up with technical analysis videos highlighting foul play," O'Connor said.

"It was an account set up in 2016 and it's likes were only about Munster and Leinster games. It is highly unusual."

O'Connor believes that Erasmus' behaviour on Twitter is a little bit 'silly' and belies his standing in world rugby.

"[Erasmus] is a very strategic man, a very intelligent man, a very emotionally intelligent man. But I think that he is making a misstep here. He is not the coach, he is the director of rugby. He is running around the field with water bottles giving instructions to the players, on Twitter.

"Suddenly, [Nienaber]'s boss is coming on Twitter retweeting Hamish Watson incident, the Mako Vunipola one and the Owen Farrell one [...] it is not very becoming of a man in his position and it is a little bit desperate."

'Like a Carry On film'

Gordon D'arcy contrasted the behaviour of Warren Gatland at the Lions' helm.

"It is a little bit unbecoming, and I think that there is an expectation on coaches and directors of rugby - almost like an unwritten rule - that you do not engage in that. Effectively, you are airing your dirty laundry that you were not comfortable to do in a press conference.

"He is still the director of rugby for South Africa, so if he wants access to the media turn it is quite easy for him to get access. I am confused as to why he feels that there is value in this, clearly it is to take away attention from something else in the Eddie Jones 'look over here and don't look behind the curtain' kind of a way.

" I likes Warren Gatland's approach to it where he said ' you don't see me doing that to you?' You expect Warren Gatland to be reasonably private, I want my coach to be a thought leader, somebody who is thinking that he does his thinking behind closed doors and his talking out there on the pitch.

"Gatland went and had a go in his press conference, but it was there and it was done and it was said. The director of rugby for South Africa is [doing this] - you couldn't make it up, it's like a 'Carry On..' movie!"

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