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"It's all fabricated" | Brian O'Driscoll skewers the 'Lyon offer to Sexton' story

On Monday, reports emerged that Jonathan Sexton had turned down an offer from French side Lyon. T...

On Monday, reports emerged that Jonathan Sexton had turned down an offer from French side Lyon.

The Irish Times reported that representatives from the Top 14 club approached Sexton about joining the club on a two-year deal with an option for a third. Sexton is understood to have declined the offer.

His former Leinster and Ireland team-mate Brian O'Driscoll is joining us for our Decade In A Day special this Thursday on OTB Sports Radio this Thursday. But he also shed light on the Lyon offer talk and explained why the reports are essentially nonsense.

"It's all rubbish," he said.

"Absolutely No Way!"

"My understanding is that an agent that he'd used previously for Racing contacted him and said, 'I've got a club interested'. And Sexton said, 'I've got a contract, I'm fine'. Then they called up a couple of weeks later, saying, 'Would you be interested in being bought out of your contract?' [Sexton] said, 'Absolutely no way!'

"And I think there was something reported about his representatives met down there. But he does his own contracts. So he was like, 'Unless that's me, that's nonsense'.

"I think it probably annoys him that it's been touted that he's trying to bump his numbers up by renegotiating the contract that he has in Ireland, which is absolutely not the case. When I read it, I was like, 'There's no way there's any truth in that'. Because he doesn't want to leave Ireland. There's no way he would want to leave the Leinster environment or Irish set-up."

BOD also pointed out that lifestyle and family life are also key factors in Sexton's desire to remain on these shores.

"It's all fabricated, it's all nonsense," he added of the reports.

 You will be able to watch the full chat as part of our Decade In A Day special which runs all-day Thursday on OTB Sports Radio.

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