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What makes this Leinster team different to every other team? | BRIAN O'DRISCOLL

Leinster's speed, accuracy and workrate from 1-23 is what separates the current team from their predecessors, and every team in Europe.

Leinster's speed, accuracy and work rate from 1-23 is what separates the current team from their predecessors, as well as every other team in Europe, according to Brian O'Driscoll.

Leinster are on the hunt for that elusive fifth European star, with only two teams left standing in their way. In their favour is the fact that for the remainder of the season, both in the URC and Champions Cup knockout matches, they will not have to travel outside of Dublin.

Home advantage in Europe is one of the reasons that many have labelled Leinster favourites for their fourth European Championship, however their form, skill, cohesion and game plan all combine to make them truly difficult to beat under Leo Cullen.

While Leo Cullen's men have come ever so close to adding that fifth star to their jerseys in recent years, they have fallen at the second to last and final hurdles repeatedly.

However, Leinster and Ireland legend Brian O'Driscoll believes that this current Leinster team is different to those that came before, and have something that the rest of the competition does not.

Speaking on Off The Ball, O'Driscoll broke down what he believes separates Leinster's class of 2023 from the rest of the pack.

"I just think the general game plan, the lines of running, the comfort of playing through phases," O'Driscoll said," I think they've got a huge variety.

"Toulouse have big variety themselves, they've got a big pack. But I think the detail around angles of running is a big one for Leinster.

"That's how they create opportunities. Everyone understanding their roles, not missing a line, not missing the timing of a run, not forgoing something because one will come the next phase.

"I'm not saying they get perfection every time, but they get close to real quality each time they find themselves in a moment to make a difference. That's their point of difference."

Leinster are different

While O'Driscoll did not suggest that the other teams across Europe are not working hard, and are not cohesive, he did mention that it's the consistency across the team sheet that other teams cannot match.

"You'll find with other teams that, sporadically, six or seven players will be doing things consistently well, but I don't think you have 15 doing them very well," O'Driscoll said.

"Running selfless lines, offering up, working hard around the corner... For me, I think that's the difference between this Leinster team and other Leinster teams.

"They've brought it on to a different level. It's all about what platform Toulouse can stop. Can they stop that Leinster juggernaut? Their speed, their angles of running and their timing is different to everybody else."

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