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Simon Zebo says he'd never share a team with Israel Folau

Simon Zebo claims he would never share a team with disgraced former Wallaby winger Israel Folau. 

Now plying his trade with rugby league side Catalan Dragons, Folau has been linked with a return to the 15-man game in the Top 14.

The 31-year old was sacked by Rugby Australia in May 2019 after posting a string of homophobic messages on social media.

Folau said ""hell awaits" gay people, after previously being warned over his social media posts.

Bayonne and Toulon have reportedly shown an interest in bringing Folau back into the union fold.

But speaking with the RugbyPass Offload podcast, Zebo revealed he wouldn't be keen on sharing a pitch with Folau again.

"Not on the same team, definitely not," the former Ireland and Munster man said.

"If he is playing opposite me there is nothing I can do. I wouldn’t let my team down by not playing.

"I have no time for that [Folau’s beliefs], no time for any of his thoughts or things like that. It’s an unbelievably backward type of mentality.

"It’s such a shame. He’s such a talented guy, a really, really good player but I personally have a serious issue with that.

"There’s racism, there’s homophobia – these are things that I hold on the same level.

"I have three kids now and if all three of them decided to be gay when they grow up, me and him are going to have serious issues because having a father who plays rugby, they will know who Israel Folau is and they will see all these things – you know the way social media is in this day and age."

Zebo said it reflects badly on teams if they are willing to facilitate Folau and his abhorrent beliefs, "What it could do to people, internally how it could brainwash them into these negative things, basically saying you are going to hell if you’re gay, I have no time for it and it does way more harm than any good that he sees he is trying to do.

"There are too many people out there that have issues with coming out.

“There are people in our game, like Nigel Owens who would be way more of a global figure to our game than someone like Israel Folau.

"He is able to whatever he is able to do, he probably has mouths to feed, but for Toulon and these clubs to be linked to him, it’s not a good look for those clubs either because they are kind of endorsing his beliefs by saying, ‘Come play with us, share a changing room with these guys’.

“What if one of those guys is gay or has gay children?

"I just have no time for him whatsoever. I don’t know him personally but if you’re spreading that kind of hate on the internet the whole time, I’ve no time for you.”

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