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'It's only when sport is taken away that you realise how important it is' | Brian O'Driscoll

We will only now realise the massive role sport plays in our lives as almost all sporting events ...

We will only now realise the massive role sport plays in our lives as almost all sporting events have been postponed, according to Brian O’Driscoll.

The former Ireland international was speaking on Friday’s Off The Ball about the mass cancellations and hoped that everything would go back to normal as soon as possible.

“We take it for granted. You look at the amount of sport that’s being cancelled. We’re not even aware of how many events and how much is going on - be it at a professional level or be it at an amateur level.

“You look at underage [events] being cancelled, training sessions being cancelled. Sport is an integral part of our existence, certainly in Ireland and as a part of my existence.

“Saturday morning going down to my kids’ football and gymnastics - all of those parts are just the makeup of your week. They’re a staple and it’s something that you look forward to.

“It’s only when it’s taken away from you that you realise how much of an important component it is to your existence,” O’Driscoll said.

While sport may seem trivial at times like these, it does bring joy to people all over the globe and O’Driscoll felt its impact should not be ignored.

“From our perspective and from everyone’s perspective I hope that this process doesn’t go on longer than we anticipate it might. It’s a key component plugged into people’s weekly living.

“They get refuge from work or from family or whatever issues they might have and they’re able to vent through their sporting team, through playing themselves or through going to the gym.

“It’s such a vital part of society so yeah, it’s tricky and strange and weird times,” O’Driscoll commented.

Sports broadcasters will likely result to showing past events on repeat and the former Ireland and Leinster player felt that it’s their only option going forward.

“I think the responsibility comes with broadcasters at the same time to showcase some of the better times, some of the better games, some of the better events that have gone on in the past.

“We all love a bit of nostalgia. Why not plug that back into the psyche a little bit where we’re able to remember great times. There is so much negativity going around.

“You look at any of your news apps and Covid-19 covers 70% of what you’re reading. It’s impossible to break away from it.

“That little bit of escapism comes from fond memories of the past. Broadcasters are going to have to do it because they have a lot of live events that aren’t going to take place,” O’Driscoll said.

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