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All Eyes on Farrugia - Dan McDonnell

Shamrock Rovers prevailed in the Dublin derby last night after scoring two goals on either side o...

All Eyes on Farrugia - Dan McD...

All Eyes on Farrugia - Dan McDonnell

Shamrock Rovers prevailed in the Dublin derby last night after scoring two goals on either side of the halftime whistle.

The Tallaght side had been in poor form by their standards after only registering one win in seven.

The Irish Independent’s Dan McDonnell joined the Football Saturday lads to discuss Rovers’ win over Bohemians.

"Football is about levels," said McDonnell. "You'd have Premier League level, and you'd have people who stand out in the Championship, they go to the Championship, and they're too good for the Championship. I think last night was one of those games where you saw Graham Burke and Jack Byrne, in particular, strolling around the place at times so comfortably, and you think, 'yeah, they played for Ireland', and that was the chat afterwards."

"I mean, they have both played for Ireland. They both played football at a good level. You could argue that both should probably be playing at a higher level with their ability. But in the rancorous atmosphere of last night, they rose to the occasion. They were not shy about goading the home fans if things were going their way, but it's more, I think, their bravery on the ball, too. And they're excellent. Neil Farrugia as well. Excellent. Roy Gaffney. Very good. I mean, Stephen Kenny's was there."

"I think if any player in the league has a chance of coming into the frame this year, it will be Farrugia."

"I think Neil Farrugia is one who, to be honest, if he stays injury free, they'll have proper interest from overseas,

"What's he got in his game, then? That's making that argument," asked host John Duggan

"We played them in the preseason, JD," said Shane Keegan. "His acceleration from a standing position is ridiculous. Normally, the quick fellows are ahead by steps four and five. They're streaming away from you. It's that old phrase like when you're pressing the triangle button in a computer game, that button that makes them go zoom, zoom, zoom."

"He just has had persistent hamstring problems that have held him back," said McDonnell. "This is the first run he's got. He was on standby last year. And, yeah, I think, as Shane mentions, it's just that power that package clubs and other leagues will look at that and go, look at his CV. Okay, he hasn't been away. He looks to have all these raw materials. Yeah, we'll look at him, and I think he's got a chance."

"Yes, he does," said Keegan. "You just can't deal with him. You can't come up with a game plan to deal with somebody who does that well because he's not just pace as you say; he's got more. So if you do stand-off, he'll just put in a great delivery. And his goal last night was very, very good as well. He's well-able on the ball. He takes an awful lot of boxes, and there's no doubt clubs are definitely, definitely circling."

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