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Antony is not impressing Pat Nevin during his first season at Manchester United

Antony has to show that he is more than just a one-trick pony.

Former Scotland and Chelsea player Pat Nevin joined The Football Show to discuss Manchester United and Antony.

Manchester United lost another big game.

Manchester United have been played off the park too many times by better sides this season. It's somewhat understandable against established big teams, but it's more concerning when it's a Newcastle side that is in a similar stage of its development.

Newcastle didn't score seven the way Liverpool did, but they controlled the game and were unlucky to only score two goals.

The 2-0 scoreline flattered Manchester United. Especially since they offered no real threat going forward. Wout Weghorst received some criticism, but Pat Nevin believes the problems start before the big striker.

Antony is not living up to his price tag so far.

"I'm not a huge fan," said Nevin.

"I haven't been a huge fan. He has got skill. He does the same trick the vast majority of the time. One of those players who you will always remember the goals. Because he cuts in and he slews them into the top corner and it's quite brilliant.

"One of those goals counts the same as a tap-in. At the end of the season, let's see how many you've created and let's see how many you've scored."

It's not that Nevin thinks Antony isn't capable. But Antony cannot rely on the same skills all the time against Premier League defenders. He must show adaptability.

"He was bullied out of the game, he had a couple of nice touches now and again. But I think he has to get somebody to tell him to adapt his game a little bit. In the Premier League, there's good defenders, but there's also good technicians."

Manchester United face Brentford in their next Premier League game. Brentford beat Manchester United 4-0 in the first meeting earlier this season.

Newcastle will return to the Champions League - Kenny Cunningham


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