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'It's not the Harlem Globe Trotters... show some respect!' | Antony's trick did not land with Damien Delaney

Antony's skill move against FC Sheriff was 'unprofessional' and 'self-indulgent', according to former Crystal Palace defender Damien Delaney.

Manchester United's Antony's skill move against FC Sheriff on Thursday night was 'unprofessional' and 'self-indulgent', according to former Crystal Palace defender Damien Delaney.

The skill move took place in Thursday's 3-0 victory for United in the Europa League. Antony performed what is known as his signature 'Antony spin' in the first half.

The Brazilian lost the ball almost immediately following the move. This drew the ire of commentators on BT Sport Paul Scholes and Robbie Savage, as well as heavy criticism from former Republic of Ireland defender Delaney on Virgin Media.

Speaking on Football Saturday, Delaney expressed his heavy criticism of the 'unprofessional' act of 'self-indulgence'.

"It's not the Harlem Globe Trotters, it's not a circus, it's professional football," Delaney said. "I thought it was quite unprofessional, pointless, self-indulgent.

"Regardless of whether anything came from it, I just think what it speaks for really. It's not for me to be honest. If you want to do that stuff, [do it] in training, afterwards or before training, or go play five-a-side or over 35s, I think."

"In professional football, and we're talking about comedic value to games?," Delaney added.

Antony needed to 'show some respect'

While the move had little real impact on the match, Delaney felt that the circumstances and the result would have little impact on his feelings towards the action.

"Show some respect," Delaney said. "You are a professional footballer. This is not five-a-side, this is not training. If someone did that at training, you'd accusing them of not respecting the session, not respecting what we are trying to achieve here.

"That type of stuff is done when you go five minutes early and lads are shooting around with the ball and playing two-touch or piggy-in-the-middle or whatever.

"Some fellas go off and do silly tricks like that, but there has to be a level of professionalism. There has to be a level of respect!"

However, there are some times where Delaney is all for skill moves and tricks.

"I don't mind if somebody is doing a trick and they are trying to achieve something," Delaney said. "The Nani one when he was running with it with his head, at least he was moving with it.

"That was as pointless as I'm ever going to see."

Antony addressed the criticism faced after the match with a post on his Instagram story on Friday. "We're known for our art and I won't stop doing what got me to where I am!"

United take on West Ham in the Premier League on Sunday. While manager Erik Ten Hag has said that he will 'correct' Antony, he has not indicated whether or not the Brazilian will be in his matchday squad.

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