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Bayern Munich benefit in the long-term by losing this year's Bundesliga title - Raphael Honigstein

Bayern Munich might save their league title with Thomas Tuchel, but would that really benefit them long term?

German journalist Raphael Honigstein joined The Football Show to discuss Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund.

Borussia Dortmund have 53 points after 25 matches in the Bundesliga.

Bayern Munich have 52 points after 25 matches in the Bundesliga.

Normally by this stage of the season, Bayern have the league all-but-win. Instead, this time they are in an actual title race. They've made the very reasoned and rational response to this travesty by replacing Julian Nagelsmann with Thomas Tuchel.

Nagelsmann's side drew seven games in the league this season, which is what has kept Dortmund at the top of the table.

And now the two teams will face off in a critical game for Tuchel's debut. And even if the move might work in their favour, Raphael Honigstein thinks it would be best for everyone if it didn't.

"I think it would help the Bundesliga [if Dortmund won the title]," Honigstein said.

"I think it would help maybe even Bayern Munich in a strange way if this challenge was not just an empty threat. It keeps them on their toes and forces them to innovate and be better. But it's going to be difficult now.

"Bayern have shown weakness this year and they did last year. Dortmund were not in a position to take advantage last year, this time they might be. But will that weakness of Bayern persist? I doubt that with Tuchel in charge."

A successful season for Bayern Munich will not only be winning the league title, but also making an assault on the Champions League crown. That's an even bigger challenge because former Bayern manager Pep Guardiola stands in their way.

Munich face Manchester City in the next round of the Champions League. It's a clash of two titans of European football. Manchester City will be favourites.

But Tuchel won out when he last went against Pep Guardiola and City in the Champions League.

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