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'Look in the mirror Mr Todd Boehly!' | Chelsea's 'disgraceful' owner | JOHN GILES

Chelsea owner Todd Boehly's dressing room speech was 'disgraceful' and he should be held accountable for their season, according to Leeds United legend John Giles.

Chelsea owner Todd Boehly's dressing room speech was 'disgraceful' and he should be held accountable for their season, according to Leeds United legend John Giles.

Chelsea were knocked out of the Champions League on Tuesday night, after losing 4-0 on aggregate (2-0 in respective home and away ties) to Real Madrid.

This latest defeat came after an attempt from owner Todd Boehly to rouse spirits in the club backfired on him. Boehly entered the Chelsea dressing room on Saturday night, after their 2-1 defeat to Brighton; Chelsea's third defeat on the bounce.

The American and his fellow board members, Behdad Eghbali and Hansjörg Wyss, reportedly waited for interim manager Frank Lampard to finish his post-match thoughts, before offering their own.

Boehly reportedly called the Chelsea season 'embarrassing' and suggested that the team were not living up to the £600 million Chelsea had spent on signings.

While Lampard and others inside the dressing room insisted that it was not abnormal for the owners to enter the dressing room, an insider to The Guardian that the 'the whole thing was weird'.

Speaking on The Football Show, former Republic of Ireland player-manager John Giles explained why he felt the comments made in the Chelsea dressing room were embarrassing for the owners.

"I just wrote down this morning: 'look in the mirror Mr Todd Boehly'," Giles said. "What an embarrassment for him. He's bought all those players.

"Graham Potter, I'd say, had no say whatsoever. He's got Frank Lampard there who obviously has no say. If Frank Lampard had a say, he wouldn't allow him into the dressing room to do what he did and say what he did.

"It's disgraceful! This is the fella that's bought all these players, there's no doubt about that."

'You can't have an owner like' Todd Boehly

Giles felt for Frank Lampard, who took over as caretaker manager in the middle of the season having been left in the wilderness following his previous sacking from Everton.

When asked about the owners coming into the dressing room after the game, Giles was expressed that it was a highly unusual occurrence that wouldn't have happened if Lampard was truly in charge of the club.

"Definitely!" Giles said. "You can't have an owner like that. In my day... no way would they be allowed into the dressing room.

"That's totally against the manager's credibility. It's a difficult situation from Frank Lampard's point of view. He's out in the wilderness, and he's been made an offer until the end of the season to do what he can do.

"I can understand it, but I think it was a bad move on his behalf because he wasn't in charge of the situation. If he was in charge of the situation, this owner wouldn't be allowed into the dressing room."

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