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'It's a race between Chelsea & MUFC for Rodgers' | Damien Delaney

Damien Delaney believes that Manchester United and Chelsea are in a race to appoint Leicester Cit...


'It's a race between Chelsea & MUFC for Rodgers' | Damien Delaney

Damien Delaney believes that Manchester United and Chelsea are in a race to appoint Leicester City head coach Brendan Rodgers as their new manager.

Delaney joined The Football Show to discuss the Premier League goings on, as United go back top after winning at Fulham.

Meanwhile, Frank Lampard is under serious pressure at Chelsea, with reports suggesting he is likely to lose his job.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer would appear to be in a much stronger position, with United in contention for the Premier League.

Delaney believes that the two will be battling it out for Rodgers.

Rodgers: in demand?

"In my personal opinion, it is a race between Manchester United and Chelsea now to see who can get Brendan Rodgers. I'm just throwing that out there," Delaney said, before backing a winner.

"I think Chelsea will win because United are just limping along enough that they  won't sack their manager, whereas Chelsea will hit rock bottom quicker, just like PSG did and hired Pochettino."

As for Rodgers, Delaney believes another top six job is recognition of a job well done.

"You have got to give him credit for the job he's done, whether you like his personality or not.

"He's drifted from the David Brent-type comments, he really has. When he was leaving Liverpool, everyone thought that was going to be it for him, that he was overachieving.

"He did a fabulous job at Celtic, and he has put Leicester in an unbelievable position. The guy is clearly an extremely good manager; I have not heard any player ever say anything bad about Brendan Rodgers. Listening to James Maddison last night, the guy is obviously so tactically astute.

With the Liverpool background, going to Manchester United might be a difficult one for him, but he has got to be the next name at the top of the list for me."

Lampard out?

With Lampard on the brink, should we have sympathy for Lampard?

"We're 19 games in, and 6-8 of those have been really average. He might get a couple more games.

"But I don't feel sorry for him in any way. It looks like he is running out of ideas.

"When they were doing so well, then a couple of games' rocky patch, he has probably lost his head; put his arms around them; probably been Mr Nice Guy - everything he can be.

"That is when a real experienced manager comes into play - that when you do hit a rocky patch, there is a consistency in his behaviour and demeanour.

"He doesn't hit the roof some weeks and then try and be your best friend the next day.

"The best managers I played for - and Roy Hodgson was the best at it - they always stand there like they knew that was going to happen and has a plan to fix it.

"He doesn't show it to the players."

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