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Football is bigger than FIFA, players have worn the armband in protest of FIFA - Pat Nevin

Pat Nevin joined Joe Molloy on The Football Show from Qatar after England beat Iran 6-2 at the Wo...

Pat Nevin joined Joe Molloy on The Football Show from Qatar after England beat Iran 6-2 at the World Cup.

Gareth Southgate's England won on the pitch in Qatar today.

Jude Bellingham opened the scoring. Bukayo Saka, Raheem Sterling, Marcus Rashford and Jack Grealish followed suit. Harry Kane didn't score, but he was central to everything England did well in attack. He was also central to everything England did poorly off the field.

Kane, amongst other European team captains, was supposed to wear the one love armband during the World Cup. FIFA squashed that by threatening to yellow card players who do.

The players and the associations caved immediately. The protest was abandoned as soon as there was any hint of sacrifice required. Pat Nevin thinks the England players should have called FIFA's bluff as a collective, he explained how to Joe Molloy.

"I'm more than disappointed," Nevin began.

"I know the answer, the answer is simple. All 11 players from both sides walk out with the armband. Excellent. Send us all off, good. Because the only reason this is happening with FIFA is they think they're going to lose the money for the television.

"This is what this is.

"It's always been about money. We know it's always been about money, but they got it now so they start behaving themselves now. They're not doing the right thing, they're not even coming close to it. Okay then. Football, answer back.

"Now football isn't FIFA. That just happens to be the governing body.Football can be better than that. You can't carry on a tournament if everyone walks out with an armband on and you send them all off. You can't carry on, so you can win that, you can beat that."

England will face Wales and the USA in their remaining group games.

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