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"Say thank you and then ask for the next thing" - Ciara Grant - COYGIG Podcast

Speaking to the COYGIG podcast, Ciara Grant breaks down the impact of her big move to Rangers.

Ireland international and former Shelbourne player Ciara Grant joined the COYGIG podcast this week to discuss her move to Rangers.

Aaron Ramsey signed for Rangers men's team this week. It's a massive move for Scottish Football.

But for Irish football, there was an even bigger move as Ciara Grant departed Shelbourne for the Rangers women's team. Grant is a 28-year-old Ireland international with 13 caps for her country. She most recently played with Shelbourne in Ireland after studying to become a full-time doctor.

Now that Grant is heading for Scotland, she can put away the stethoscope and focus full time on football.

She joined the COYGIG podcast with Kathleen McNamee and Karen Duggan to talk about the move this week.

"You're working a full-time job and training to the best of your ability," Grant said.

"But to have any reaction to the training, recovery is what you need. You train really hard three times a week and you're up awake seven hours later, into work, working 9-5 with probably a little bit extra. And then back to maybe blast a gym session and go to the pitch."

Being a full-time professional athlete is not just about the money. Obviously everyone would want the contract that Mohamed Salah will soon sign and the millions that come with it. But the real benefit of being a full-time athlete is the freedom to commit your life to what you love to do rather than what you have to do.

Grant will be able to fully focus on improving her performance, refining her conditioning and elevating herself to her peak as an athlete now.

"It's almost like the contract hours are quite similar. But there's no time for rest and recovery. For me, sleep is a big thing. I think it's just the biggest training benefit one can have. When you're working a full-time job you just can't do that. Even last year, I was trying to work to pay my rent and work around training.

"It was nice but I was also working 12 hour shifts. On your feet for 12 hours then bombing it straight to training. After a few weeks of doing that it's high risk for injuries."

The professional setup is the other aspect. The best athletes in the world all work in the best facilities in the world. Maybe you'll find the odd B.A. Baracus working in the mountains at Khabib Nurmagumedov's gym, but for the most part having top facilities maximizes your opportunities.

Grant outlined that for listeners too.

"You see these facilities and you can imagine a different life if you had that from a younger age. But I think with everything, even in the last year or two years where we've been making small steps, all women's sport in general have to say thank you but don't be overly thankful.

"Say thank you and then ask for the next thing.

"I turned up to Shelbourne training two years ago all excited...the guy at the gate was smiling and said '€2' and I said I'm with the women's team. He's like 'Yeah, yeah €2 to park the car.' I was like 'No. I don't have any cash and I'm not giving you €2 to train.

"You can't be paying to come to training."

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