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Jack Grealish has made Manchester City one-dimensional

Jack Grealish is doing the same thing over and over again at Manchester City and it's not working.

Journalist Gavin Cooney joined The Football Show to discuss Jack Grealish and Manchester City.

Manchester City are the biggest news in football at the moment.

The Premier League announced they are charging City with financial misconduct dating back a decade and the fallout is expected to come over the remainder of this year. City stand by their innocence. They expect to be exonerated from all charges.

But while the biggest story is off the field, it's overshadowing the more important story for the immediate future.

And that's that Manchester City are not a particularly good football team right now. The inevitable push to take the title from Arsenal is not coming. If it is, they are leaving it until the very last moment to kickstart it.

Man City lost to Tottenham in another lackluster performance last weekend after Arsenal lost themselves the day before.

Jack Grealish was celebrated for his performance in that losing effort, but Gavin Cooney of The 42 doesn't think Grealish did anything worthy of praise. In fact, he believes that Grealish is part of the problem for Manchester City this year.

"Grealish is now playing and playing all the time," Cooney said.

"I'm beginning to agree with Graeme Souness. Remember, Souness used to complain that Grealish gets fouled too much. And I thought that was because he was the best player in the Villa team. He dribbles with the ball, he's the best player on the field so of course, he's going to get fouled.

"But he does slow City down a lot now."

The Joao Cancelo departure and change in how Manchester City's fullbacks function is partially what is impacting Grealish.

"He's very one-dimensional. And that's partly because he had no one going around the outside of him because Rico Lewis was in midfield. He would just pick up the ball, dribble inside Emerson Royal, probably get a free kick and the free kick goes nowhere.

"You remember City at their best they'd get the ball to the byline and get cutbacks. It was like death by a thousand cutbacks. They don't play those cutbacks at all anymore."

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