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Pep Guardiola will turn Jack Grealish into £100 million worthy player, Bernardo Silva replacement - Damien Delaney

Jack Grealish is not yet the finished product, but Pep Guardiola knew that would be the case.

Damien Delaney joined The Football Show on Tuesday night to discuss Manchester City and Jack Grealish.

Jack Grealish is enjoying himself. The Manchester City winger didn't play on the final season against Aston Villa when his side clinched the Premier League title. But he was the biggest star of the parade in Manchester on Monday and is going viral across social media for the right reasons.

Grealish didn't have the season he hoped to have. He was in and out of the Manchester City starting lineup. He never fully fit with his teammates and admitted himself that he still doesn't know how to be his best self working under Pep Guardiola.

And while Grealish wishes he had a better debut season for his new team, it didn't cost his side the league title. It won't prevent him from excelling in the future.

Grealish has the talent. Everyone knows that, including Pep Guardiola. Once he finds his fit in the Manchester City team, he can be a star. But that is going to take some development and time with the coaching staff. Damien Delaney believes that Pep Guardiola has a vision for his young attacker.

"I know this is going to sound crazy but," Delaney said.

"I think they signed Jack Grealish knowing that he's a good player. Pep [Guardiola] has an idea of the type of football player he can be. It might not be too closely linked to the type of player he was at Villa. Off the cuff. Enjoy yourself. He was the most fouled player at one stage at Villa and I think Pep is going to mold him into a replacement for Bernardo Silva."

Bernardo Silva is only 27 years of age and playing outstanding football. But such is the nature of the sport and the standards at Manchester City that nobody's future is guaranteed. David Silva lasted a long time but eventually began to fade in a similar role.

Grealish is 26 years old, but is yet to hit his peak as a player. If Bernardo Silva ever returns to the continent, Grealish is the team's insurance policy.

Delaney believes that is what Manchester City's transfer policy is right now. Future-proofing.

"That's where Manchester City are now. They're signing players for the future...Obviously Haaland the age that he is, they're future-proofing their team. Now I know people will say that's crazy, spending £100 million to future-proof your team, but I think that's where they're at.

"They won't be caught short, they won't have to panic buy somebody or pay way over the odds for somebody.

"Pep believes that he can turn him into a £100 million player. That's my view on it and I think he will do that as well. Pep will absolutely drill Jack Grealish and get him to be exactly what he wants him to be."

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