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Being remembered as a one-club player is enough of a legacy for Harry Kane

Harry Kane's legacy does not necessarily need him to win silverware, as Spurs fans will always love him for sticking with the club if he retires there.

Harry Kane's legacy does not necessarily need him to win silverware, as Tottenham Hotspur fans will always love him for sticking with the club if he retires there, according to Dan McDonnell.

Kane's contract with Spurs comes to an end at the end of next season. As of January, the England striker confirmed that talks had not yet begun with the club to renew the contract.

However, in recent days, Manchester United have been reported to be interested in signing Spurs' record goal-scorer, particularly 'if Spurs finish outside of a Champions League place'.

This is the second time in recent years that Kane has been linked with a move to the city of Manchester, as he had previously tried to engineer a move to Manchester City in 2021.

While nothing is guaranteed either way, it does beg the question whether Harry Kane's legacy as an English striker needs silverware in order for him to be remembered with fondness?

The Independent's Dan McDonnell does not believe it does.

Harry Kane's legacy

Speaking on The Football Show, McDonnell looked at the likelihood that Kane will stay with Spurs come the end of next season.

"They have a new manager coming in, who's that going to be?" McDonnell said. "Is it [Mauricio] Pochettino coming back? Does that affect things?

Does a new manager at Spurs naturally want their best player, or in some ways do they want to turn the page? That would be an unusual tactic, because Kane is still fantastic!"

Kane has led England to World Cups and Euros success, even though they were unsure in the final hurdles. However, McDonnell feels this is not the only reason he will be remembered as one of England's top strikers.

When asked the hypothetical question of how Kane would be remembered if he never won silverware with Spurs, McDonnell felt there was more to being a one-club player than just trophies.

"He has been to the fore for England in major tournament tilts," McDonnell said. "If he didn't have that in his locker, it's worse.

"It's a higher grade version, to bring in an Irish perspective, of how is Seamus Coleman's career remembered? I know if Harry Kane takes Alan Shearer's record, he has an unbelievable legacy. I know Coleman is a grade down from that.

"But probably at times, does Coleman ever think, 'God, inferior players to me have won league titles or won cups'. But in ten years' time, you're welcomed back as a legend, 'This guy never left us!'

"Harry Kane, at a point, how do you measure your happiness? I suppose the answer is, he did try to engineer a move for a reason."

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