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'I'm not crying, you are!' | Twitter reacts to The 30-Year Wait

Liverpool’s 30-year hunt for an English championship was documented in the BBC documentary, Li...

'I'm not crying, you are!' | T...

'I'm not crying, you are!' | Twitter reacts to The 30-Year Wait

Liverpool’s 30-year hunt for an English championship was documented in the BBC documentary, Liverpool FC: The 30-Year Wait, on Sunday night.

Fans of the Reds took to Twitter to share the emotions and memories that were brought up while looking back at the last three decades for the club.

For many, the wait for Liverpool to be crowned champions of England has taken their entire lifetime, and memories were shared on Twitter as a result.

“Want to see what servant leadership looks like. What an example. King Kenny,” said Twitter user darrelli, in reference to Liverpool legend Kenny Dalglish.

The documentary took viewers through all of the highs and lows of Liverpool since the 1980s, highlighting players and managers through the years that left their mark on the club and the supporters.

“Reminded me of how good John Barnes was, he glided pass players as if he was wearing ice skating  boots,” said Derek Murray.

“I’m privileged to support this amazing club!”

While many fans shuddered to remember some of the lows, some looked back with the benefit of time and acknowledged that it wasn’t all bad even during the lows.

One such fan defended the tenure of Roy Hodgson, who managed the club for the first part of the 2010/11 season before Dalglish took over in January.

“Don't be too hard on Roy Hodgson. Just the wrong man for the job,” said user Alab Jlab.

The documentary highlighted the passion of football fans, with many supporters stating that they were moved to tears not only by the long wait, but also to finally be crowned champions.

However, the overwhelming reaction to the documentary was the unwavering support for the current manager, Jürgen Klopp.

The 53-year-old German replaced Brendan Rodgers in 2015, and has lifted the club back to the top of English football.

Klopp led Liverpool to the Champions League glory in 2018/19 - the club's first European Cup since 2005.

Throughout his tenure as Liverpool manager, Klopp has displayed his own unique style and flair.

But it was not only Liverpool fans that were in awe of the 30-year wait.

Supporters of other teams, such as Leeds United and Plymouth Argyle, were sufficiently moved to take to Twitter.

However, like all good things, many supporters did not see it as a perfect retelling of the past three decades.

“Can’t see why Michael Owen got to contribute to the programme. He’s no Liverpool legend and left when we needed him most,” said William Munney on Twitter.

“Love watching all things about my club but that documentary just didn't live up to the hype for me,” said Mick Kilcourse.

“Nothing I haven't seen or heard loads of times and why start with Hysel??”

Liverpool have become the best team in England, with John Giles stating that even the signing of Lionel Messi could not help their rivals adequately compete.

The overall consensus of the trending Twitter hashtag was that the documentary perfectly summed up the challenges that Liverpool have faced and how good it feels for supporters to finally have something to celebrate.

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