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"Ireland have four extremely good players" - Peter Gerhardsson

Ireland have four extremely good players and are on the brink of a World Cup, according to Sweden's manager.

Ireland drew 1-1 with Sweden in their World Cup Qualifying campaign this afternoon.

Peter Gerhardsson is the Sweden women's national team head coach.

Gerhardsson is not short of confidence. He celebrated his players and their quality after the country released jerseys that detailed each player's weaknesses. It was an incredible marketing ploy but also a move that showed the confidence, or rather arrogance of the group.

But while Gerhardsson is bullish about the quality of his own team, he was respectful before and after Ireland's game against his side. Gerhardsson's side scraped a 1-0 win in Dublin when they last played Ireland. And after their 1-1 draw at home this afternoon, he was full of praise again for Vera Pauw's side.

He told Aisling O'Reilly that Ireland are clearly an improving side and they're capable of taking the next step to a big tournament.

“It’s up to them now,” Gerhardsson said.

“Look at Serbia beating Germany today, many countries are taking steps, getting better coaches and tactical and physical preparation. Ireland have four extremely good players and with them and the others doing a good job, tonight is the result. Whether they have the depth is another issue. It took us time to get to that level."

It's unclear who the four players are that Gerhardsson is referring to. We can assume Denise O'Sullivan and Katie McCabe are two. Courtney Brosnan's performance against his side probably won his favour for inclusion in the quartet. And then it could be anyone.

Gerhardsson believes that Ireland will make the World Cup. He said they "deserve to" and will have "one year to prepare." He also reassured any concerned fans that Sweden will continue to play their best in their remaining game against Finland.

“Of course, for us it is like Ireland versus England, we want to win it.”

Sweden 1-1 Ireland - Match Report


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