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It's about what happens in the video, not the release of the video - Vera Pauw

Vera Pauw says the Ireland women's team controversy is not about the video being released but the actions of the squad in the video.

Vera Pauw spoke to Nathan Murphy about the squad controversy after Ireland qualified for the World Cup.

The Irish women's national team enjoyed the best night of their sporting lives on Tuesday.

And then likely the worst morning of their sporting lives on Wednesday. No, it wasn't the hangover. Instead it was the video circulating of the squad singing the Wolfe Tones Celtic Symphony. It's a popular rebel song in Ireland that features the lyrics "Oh Ah, Up the Ra."

This moment was captured on camera and is being received as support for the IRA by many onlookers.

The FAI have issued an apology and diferent members of the squad have faced the media today. Ireland manager Vera Pauw has talked to many journalists, including Nathan Murphy.

Murphy asked Pauw if she's frustrated by the video being released to social media.

"No, because then it is about the video," Pauw answered.

"Like as if it would have been okay if the video had not been sent out. The fact that it happened is wrong and that is what I want to highlight. So nobody should hide behind that, 'Why did she put it on social media?' As if it's her fault.

"It's the fault of everybody who was involved. That is wrong and that is what we address."

Pauw did not make any excuses for her players. She is stern while accepting responsibility herself as the team's figurehead. But not being from Ireland, Pauw wasn't in a position to understand what this song is. She was also not in the room at the time.

Ireland goalkeeper Grace Moloney streamed the video on social media. Pauw discussed her reaction to the controversy.

"She's devastated. She's absolutely devastated, not because of everything that is coming to her, but that she has hurt people. And that is a core value that we don't do it. I went into her room and she was devastated, crying. They are so sorry.

"Even though [the song] doesn't mean anything to them, they should have known it means something to others. In that aspect, it shouldn't have happened."

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