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WATCH: Roy Keane on "pathetic" Tottenham and "Part of the Problem" Harry Kane

Roy Keane has labelled Tottenham as a pathetic football club and Harry Kane as a bad leader.

Roy Keane blasted Tottenham Hotspur and Harry Kane ahead of Liverpool's FA Cup clash with Norwich.

Tottenham make it too easy for Roy Keane more often than not.

The North London-based club beat Manchester City two weeks ago. They single-handedly reopened the title race for Liverpool with a spectacular performance in the Etihad Stadium. Harry Kane was at the center of it, leading the line and scoring key goals.

But then they lost to Burnley midweek. Antonio Conte seemingly threatened to leave the club in the following press conference and things were suddenly bad again. A 4-0 win against Leeds last weekend cost Marco Bielsa his job...but then a shock loss to Middlesborough in the FA Cup put Tottenham back in the bad books.

Consistency isn't a characteristic of this Tottenham team. And Roy Keane believes consistency is not a characteristic of the football club as a whole.

"Typical Spurs, you can't trust them," Keane said.

"You shouldn't be surprised Spurs are losing these games...How many times do we have to say it? Whatever is in that club's DNA with the players, there's a weakness there. They're truly pathetic I'll be honest with you. But I wasn't surprised. Gone to Middlesborough midweek, it's probably a bit cold. No surprises there."

Much of Tottenham's post-Pochettino era has been defined by Harry Kane. The wantaway striker was Tottenham's best player before he tried to force his way out of the club last summer. He remains in the team, but he's not performing at the same level as he was previously. Not many players in Tottenham's team are so maybe it's not all his fault.

Kane generally gets a pass from English media because of his status as England captain. But obviously Keane doesn't fall into that category.

"He's part of the problem. He's on the pitch, he needs to do more. It's not [all down to Harry Kane] but he's your main striker, he's your top guy. He's got to do more, he's got to lead them. He doesn't lead them that well. It's typical Spurs. You can't trust them."

Ian Wright attempted to argue Kane's case and he had success to a slight degree, but even Wright showed some sympathy for Tottenham after Keane's dismissal. The Arsenal legend undoubtedly isn't a Tottenham apologist.

Chelsea are officially for sale.


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