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The chaos of the Premier League season makes it more enjoyable - Brian Kerr

Brian Kerr doesn't want runaway winners or a two-horse race, the Premier League is a better product with more unpredictable results and chaos.

Brian Kerr believes that this year's Premier League season is all the better because of the top teams struggles.

Manchester City and Arsenal will face off this week.

Arsenal are the surprise of the season. They're the Premier League leaders and while the title isn't decided yet, they command a decisive lead. Manchester City must win midweek or they lose any control they might have claimed in the title race.

And if Arsenal are the surprise of the season, the rest of last season's top four are second, says Brian Kerr.

Liverpool are a circus and not an enjoyable one if you're a fan of the team. Chelsea have more transfers made than points this season it feels like. Tottenham didn't get better with Antonio Conte's appointment, in fact there's some question marks about whether he's really the man for the job.

The faltering of the top four has combined with the likes of Brighton, Fulham and Brentford reaching upwards. Kerr loves it.

Kerr explained that this is a much better situation for the Premier League than a two-horse race.

"The top four from last year are all having their troubles," Kerr said.

"Manchester City are not as convincing or as dominant as they've been in previous years. They've got a chance to go back to the top on Wednesday night. But then behind them from last year's top four you've got: Liverpool struggling, Chelsea struggling, Spurs struggling.

"Arsenal are better. Much better. Manchester United better now under ten Hag."

Kerr watches a lot of football. And he doesn't just focus on the top four or the big six. The teams outside of the top spots are now playing more competitive football but also more attractive football.

"But other clubs bubbling up and playing with consistency and doing well. The likes of Brentford and Brighton in particular. Fulham another one. You'd say that can't really last but it's made this season a lot more enjoyable.

"It's made a lot of the matches much less predictable as well."

Harry Kane will break Alan Shearer's record.


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