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'Get rid of the clubs because it is just a disgrace' | Meyler on the Super League

Former Republic of Ireland defender David Meyler was in strong opposition of the proposed Europea...

'Get rid of the clubs because...

'Get rid of the clubs because it is just a disgrace' | Meyler on the Super League

Former Republic of Ireland defender David Meyler was in strong opposition of the proposed European Super League in the wake of the news that several Premier League teams have committed to it.

Six Premier League teams, as well as three each from Spain and Italy have come together to announce their plans to form a breakaway self-titled Super League of 20 teams, to begin "as soon as possible"

Speaking on Monday's OTB AM, Meyler felt that these plans are going ahead because the owners have no loyalty to their fans.

"It is hard to wrap my head around it," Meyler said. "I can't believe these conversations have been happening. They were talking about exploring this idea and now they are really going for it.

"They don't care what the fans think. They don't care what the people of the local areas [think]; they just care about making money.

"I believe each team will get [between] £300-£350 Million; you are talking about the Premier League which is only worth £150 [Million], the Champions League is only worth £110 [Million].

"They are just trying to monopolise it wherever they can control it. They just see it strictly as a business.

"They really are trying to tap into these foreign markets, they are just forgetting about the loyal fans who go to the games week in and week out, who travel home and away for the Champions League or the Europa League.

Meyler recalled what the Premier League was like for him growing up, and said that that was what English football should be about; the fans.

"It should be about the history and the fans," Meyler said. "I remember as a young boy going over to Anfield to watch games in the Premier League or the Champions league.

"That was the buzz of it; you can't lose sight of it, that is the history of the club. You can't just abandon everything that has come before and focus on this Super League and monopolise it.

"It is ridiculous, it really is."

Super League clubs should be kicked out

On Sunday, UEFA along with the Premier League, Serie A and La Liga all issued statements suggesting that the teams could be banned from their local competitions, and the players could even be banned from playing internationally, should the league go ahead.

Meyler hopes that these bodies will follow through with their threats.

"You have seen statements from the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A [etc.], that they are going to expel the clubs," Meyler said.

"I hope they do it, because what is the Premier League without those teams? That success that Leicester had a few years ago, that they get into the Champions League, all these stories is now gone.

"It is like they have been thrown out the window, just out of pure greed for money.

"There is no consideration for the championship, league one, league two all the way down. It is the same for the other countries involved."

For Meyler, the only way to get the clubs to either back down or to punish them for going through with the league is to boot them out of their local competitions.

"I'd get rid of them," Meyler said. "Just get rid of them. If they want to go ahead with this and make it happen thinking that they can control it, then just get rid of them.

"It is not right for English football, or the Italian and Spanish teams, it is not right for those leagues.

"Fair play to Germany. I know that they are predominately fan-owned. These are American owners who are just thinking about how they can line their pockets.

"I'd get rid of them. Just get rid of the clubs because it is just a disgrace."

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