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Why Pep Guardiola stopped mid-celebration to berate Ederson | SAM LEE

Pep Guardiola berating Ederson after Manchester City's first goal against Arsenal shows how much control the manager has over his players.

Pep Guardiola berating Ederson after Manchester City's first goal against Arsenal shows how much control the manager has over his players, according to The Athletic's Sam Lee.

Manchester City tore league leaders Arsenal apart on Wednesday night in the Etihad. While prolific goal-scorer Erling Haaland struggled to find the back of the net until injury time in the second half, it was his assist that put Kevin de Bruyne through for two goals in the first half.

However, in spite of going 1-0 up with just six minutes on the clock, Pep Guardiola was seen to have a lot to say to Ederson following the first goal.

Guardiola's animated and angry interaction with Ederson caught the eye, particularly as he stopped mid-celebration to berate the goalkeeper.

Speaking on The Football Show, football writer Sam Lee noticed why the Spanish manager was so frustrated.

"He's celebrating the goal, and he literally just remembers a few seconds in that he needs to bollock Ederson for something," Lee said.

"I went back and had a look. Basically, Ederson, instead of playing the ball to either Rodri or [İlkay] Gündoğan as the holding midfielders so they can then pass it first time out to [Rúben] Dias.

"Dias is in a bit of space and can bring the ball forward. He passes it to [John] Stones, who is under pressure. So, Stones has to go long.

"It is that long ball that [Erling] Haaland wins, flicks onto [Kevin] de Bruyne who runs on and scores. So, ultimately it was good. It worked out very well. But it wasn't what they were supposed to be doing."

Stick to Guardiola's game plan

The incident highlights just how much of a firm grip Guardiola has on this City side.

"It didn't matter that it lead to the goal, in the first six minutes in a huge game," Lee said. "It wasn't what they were supposed to be doing.

"In terms of second guessing Guardiola and what they want, that is it. That tells you everything you need to know. It worked out fine, he could have let it go, but no. That's not what you're supposed to do.

"Next time if you play it to Stones under pressure, he kicks it straight to [Martin] Ødegaard in the midfield, they give it to [Gabriel] Jesus, and Jesus scores.

"It's just that kind of pursuit of, not perfection, but the game plan, and stick to it."

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