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Paul Pogba to Manchester City? - The Football Show discusses

Paul Pogba is being linked with a move to Manchester City, but will it work for Pep when it hasn't for so many other managers?

Former Ireland international Mark Lawrenson joined The Football Show on Monday to discuss Paul Pogba's link to Manchester City.

Erling Haaland is expected to join Manchester City in the summer and Paul Pogba will leave Manchester United in the summer. The two moves are seemingly unlinked, but a recent report suggests that Pogba could choose to leave one club in Manchester and join another.

Where Pogba goes is as of yet uncertain. Pep Guardiola doesn't typically sign players who have question marks over their work rate and character, but that hasn't stopped the speculation around the possible move. Pogba is also 29 years of age so he's not an ideal fit for the profile of player that City typically sign.

Jack Grealish is arguably a sign that Guardiola is open to different options in pursuit of the Champions League, but Grealish's disappointing season is also an argument against that kind of move.

Whoever signs Pogba next will hope that he plays the way he does for France for them but they won't be the first to try that.

Manchester United never found a way to get the most out of him and he never played consistently well for them. He played for plenty of managers at Manchester United, so it's not an instant fresh start that would guarantee success. But of course joining Manchester City isn't like bringing in one of the many managers who took over Manchester United in recent years.

Would joining the best squad in the world and one of the best managers in the world do that? Mark Lawrenson surveyed the situation on The Football Show and offered his insight on the situation.

"I'd say no," Lawrenson said to the idea of Pogba joining Manchester City.

"I'd say absolutely, categorically no. Everyone else has tried, there's a number [of managers who have tried to get him to play like he does for France]. No, I'm sorry I wouldn't trust him. I just would not trust him. The other thing about him: What's his best position? They've tried him everywhere."

Manchester United's tactical limitations with Pogba aren't unique to him. Jadon Sancho most recently has looked like he doesn't have a position in the Manchester United team and Marcus Rashford also never really figured out where he fit. Guardiola would have a clear plan of how to use Pogba's skill set, but that doesn't address the effort question marks.

Can you trust him to match the intensity of the City players every single week?

"Does he actually give you 100% on the pitch? I'd argue no. And you can't afford that in any team. We know he's a different player when playing for France, he plays more freely, but Manchester United have tried him playing that way. You can't rely on him. I don't think he gets the hard work ethic.

"It's all about he has to be on the ball. He has to be the star. In football you can't always be the best player.

"He goes to Manchester City and you see how hard they work. See how hard De Bruyne works. See how many different positions De Bruyne picks up in games. How often he comes back to defend. He doesn't mind a bit of a tackle. You can't have 10 teas and one coffee in a football team. You've all got to put an absolute shift in.

"As soon as a chain breaks, there's a problem. I just wouldn't trust him at all."

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