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The on-air argument that made new Celtic boss Postecoglou 'unemployable'

Celtic fans might be happy to know that new manager Ange Postecoglou has a fiery side, as a 2007 ...

The on-air argument that made...

The on-air argument that made new Celtic boss Postecoglou 'unemployable'

Celtic fans might be happy to know that new manager Ange Postecoglou has a fiery side, as a 2007 video of him arguing with a TV presenter emerged again.

As manager of the under-20s Australia side and having failed to qualify for the World Cup in 2007, Postecoglou was taken to task by pundit Andrew Foster.

Postecoglou was quick to defend himself, as you can see below.

Ange Postecoglou

"I'm not pointing the players, Fozzy. Hold on a sec. Did you just hear what I said? Am I pointing to the players? This is what annoys me - if you're going to be critical of me, get it right.

"I take full responsibility for it, I always have in my career. In terms of the quality of my coaching, I'd love for you to come down to a session mate because in the six years I've been in charge, I haven't seen you at a qualifier, haven't seen you at a World Cup.'

"Of course I'm not going to resign. I always put my future in people who make those decisions. The people who I put a lot more credibility in than your assumption.

"That's great, I feel much better because you're a really close mate. I don't care what you think of me Fozzy."

Postecoglou has blamed the video in part for him being out of the game for a significant period.

Postecoglou was in much better form on Thursday when he accepted the role as Celtic manager.

“The opportunity that has been given to me is one of the greatest honours in football and the responsibility to lead our magnificent football club into the future is one that I will cherish dearly.

“Celtic is one of THE names in world football, of that there is no doubt – a giant of a club, a proper footballing institution and so much more – real history, real substance, real authenticity, and real soul. I know Celtic is a true way of life for so many people and I know the demands which come with this position – I am ready to do all I can to meet those demands.

“I will be doing everything I can to get our great club back on top and, at the same time, deliver the kind of football which our fans appreciate. We want to entertain our fans and we want to win, these are the objectives which I always set myself and which I now begin work on.

“When you think of Celtic, you think of supporters and my dream is to see our fans back at Celtic Park with us as soon as possible. We all hope things are changing for the better and can see our fans soon as they are vital to everything I want to do. We need our supporters back by our side and I can’t wait to be with them back in a packed Paradise.

“I have already had great discussions with Peter, Dom and the Board about their ideas and strategy for the future of the club. I know the Club’s new modern vision aligns very much with mine and we now look to go and deliver on this. In everything we do we aim to give our fans a successful team of real quality, which they are excited about and can be proud of.

“We have already begun work on our plans for adding to the squad – we aim to bring players of quality to Celtic to enhance the existing core of great talent.

“I very much look forward to meeting with the players on their return from the close season break and I can’t wait to get started as Celtic manager.”

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