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Jim Ratcliffe could be a perfect owner for Manchester United

Jim Ratcliffe is a fan first and foremost, which should please Manchester United fans as he attempts to buy the club.

English football journalist Matthew Slater joined The Football Show to discuss Jim Ratcliffe and Manchester United.

Jim Ratcliffe is the first potential buyer of Manchester United to announce his intentions publicly.

Ratcliffe has been assumed as a potential suitor for a long time. He tried to buy Chelsea from Roman Abramovich previously and considers himself a long-time fan of Manchester United. Manchester United are available after it was revealed late last year that the Glazer family were welcoming offers.

It's not a surprise that Ratcliffe is eager. He has been expected to make a bid for the club ever since it became available. And he is one of the richest, if not the richest person in Britain.

Matthew Slater joined The Football Show to discuss his interest.

"No, it doesn't [come as a surprise that he's interested]," Slater started.

"And I suppose it's a very different approach to the one he took with Chelsea where he was the last guy to say he wanted to buy the club. He came in arguably a little bit too late that time. Maybe he's learned his lesson this time. Maybe he's been smoked out by the rumours of Qatari interest or Dubai interest.

"It's no secret that Sir Jim Ratcliffe has wanted to buy a Premier League club for a long time."

Manchester United fans will be excited by anyone who is not named Glazer at this stage. But Ratcliffe is not just an investment fund or state-backed consortium trying to take over any team. He is also a massive sports fan who has already proven that he will invest in making teams better in competition.

Ratcliffe has invested in football, cycling and sailing previously.

"He's a big sports fan. He's a big football fan. I think Manchester United have always been his first choice because he grew up in Oldham. He's talked about being a Manchester United fan...Rich guy, loves sport...certainly over the last few years he has shown a real willingness, desire to spend some of that money on fun; Sport."

He almost sounds too good to be true.

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