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'Recovery has completely changed me as a person' - Clare Shine

Clare Shine details how recovery has changed her life and helped her to manage her mental health challenges.

Clare Shine is a professional footballer in Scotland and Ireland squad member. She joined Nathan Murphy to discuss her new book, 'Scoring Goals in the Dark.'

Clare Shine plays football for Glasgow City. She joined Glasgow City in 2019 from Cork City, but that wasn't the first time she made that move.

In 2015, Shine joined Glasgow City for the first time from Raheny United. She was 19 years of age and played in Scotland for three seasons. But those three seasons took a massive toll on the now 27-year-old. Shine was playing football professionally while living life as an alcoholic and drug addict.

When she moved to Scotland at 19, her problems worsened as she had the freedom of the adult but lacked the maturity of an adult, in her own words.

Shine's life has been marred by mental health issues that she managed through addiction. Now she is in recovery and is better equipped to handle those mental health problems. As such, she has written a book with Gareth Maher detailing her journey. It is a very personal book but Shine believes it's an important one.

When asked if her parents are concerned by the vulnerability this book creates for her, she answered.

"I came out publicly in 2020 with the letter to my younger self," Shine said.

"Which had a massive response, a positive response to it. I just feel like at that time I didn't really deal with the overwhelming feeling that brought towards me. And a couple of months later I actually ended up relapsing so there is that kind of [concern]. They probably had that thought in the back of their minds as well.

"But I think they see how strong I am now in my life."

Shine hid her addiction issues as best she could. Obviously some people noticed, but for most people she was just an ordinary girl playing sport at a high level across different teams. But even during her best days she wasn't living life like a professional athlete should.

Now that she is in recovery, she says she is better able to live a more controlled and fulfilling life.

"What recovery has actually done for me. It's completely changed me as a person and my outlook on life has completely changed. I have the right tools and an unbelievable support network now. I have people to turn to when things aren't going so well.

"For me to be so open and honest can only help other people, and that's the main aim."

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