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Brendan Rodgers should 'quit before he gets sacked' | John Giles

Managers like Brendan Rodgers are better off quitting with their reputations in tact than they would be if they stuck around to get sacked, according to John Giles.

Managers like Brendan Rodgers are better off quitting with their reputations in tact than they would be if they stuck around to get sacked, according to Leeds legend and former Ireland manager John Giles.

Leicester City have had a dire start to the new Premier League season. After a 2-2 draw with Brentford on opening weekend, Leicester have lost four league matches in a row, placing manager Brendan Rodgers under immense pressure.

There are reports and rumours suggesting that the Northern Irishman does not have the backing of the Leicester board, and so he may be next on the firing line of Premier League managers.

With Scott Parker being the first manager of the season to be fired earlier this week, John Giles feels that it might be best for Rodgers to jump ship before he is thrown overboard.

Speaking on Friday's Off The Ball, Giles looked at the position that Rodgers finds himself in, at the bottom of the Premier League table.

"Brendan Rodgers is in a very delicate position," Giles said. "He's already been told they don't have any money to spend, and his reputation is at stake.

"It could well be that the best thing he could do, while his reputation is still good, is to say, 'I'm sorry, I can't put up with this situation, I'm out'.

"He wouldn't have to wait that long, because another club is going to be in trouble."

A manager is usually only as good as their reputation. While Rodgers' reputation has taken a slight hit so far this year, he is still held in high esteem by many clubs and pundits.

However, that could change if he gets fired by Leicester following a string of terrible performances.

"You are better quitting with your reputation in tact," Giles said. "If Brendan stays on for another two or three months there and it keeps going the way it's going, he could be sacked.

"He'd be less likely then to get the West Ham job if David Moyes is sacked. It's a tough game, management. Somebody has to be at the bottom of the table."

Rodgers will be sought after as a manager

Rodgers is not the only manager that is rumoured to be next when it comes to being fired. West Ham's David Moyes, Brighton's Graham Potter and Aston Villa's Steven Gerrard have all been on the receiving end of calls by supporters to get the axe.

Giles feels that now is the right time for some of those managers, Rodgers in particular, to leave their current roles in order to be picked up by a club that actually does soon sack their manager.

"I think, if Rodgers did go, he'd be one of the main targets [for quite a few clubs]," Giles said. "Miracles are expected from the owners.

"In Brendan Rodgers' situation his reputation is very good, he's not going to be backed by the board, the signs are he could be one to go.

"His reputation would be ruined, where as if he got out now, he'd be looked at as a manager who got out when he saw things weren't being done the way they should be done. His reputation would be in tact."

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