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"If Ronaldo wasn't there, they'd be in bits" | John Giles on Manchester United

John Giles believes that Cristiano Ronaldo has only been a success for Manchester United. His goals have saved them and their problems lie elsewhere.


"If Ronaldo wasn't there, they'd be in bits" | John Giles on Manchester United

John Giles joined Nathan Murphy on Thursday night's Off The Ball to discuss Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored two more goals for Manchester United on Tuesday night.

Ronaldo's brace helped Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's side avoid another embarrassing loss. They drew 2-2 with Atalanta. Manchester United's Champions League hopes are still alive, but so is the conversation around Ronaldo's worth. Despite his goals, questions remain about his overall contribution.

Raphael Varane was injured during the game. When he went off, United switched from five at the back to four at the back. Varane will be out for a month. This will likely force Solskjaer to go back to a variation of 4-5-1. If that happens, United won't be able to sit deep and hit teams on the counter.

They won't be able to hide Ronaldo without the ball.

John Giles thinks that doesn't matter because Ronaldo never pressed.

"People change their minds from week to week," Giles said.

"I think he's been a huge success since he's gone to the club. He hasn't been responsible in any way for the inconsistency that they've had. Ronaldo was always a player that scored goals. All through his career. He was never a grafter. We're hearing Ronaldo is at fault because they're high pressing and he's not doing the high pressing.

"He never did, so you've got to play around what he does."

Ronaldo's goals have been undeniably important. He has scored a lot and he's scored at crucial times in both the Premier League and the Champions League. Giles doesn't see the negative side at all. In fact, he believes that Ronaldo is keeping the team together and he is the reason they are competitive.

"All he's done now in recent weeks is save them. He hasn't been in any high pressing, but he's the most important man...He's nothing but a success.

"If Ronaldo wasn't there, they'd be in bits."

Manchester United play Manchester City this weekend.

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