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Roy Keane supports MUFC anti-Glazer protests: "Enough is enough"

As Manchester United fans protesting the Glazer ownership forced a delay to United's match with L...

As Manchester United fans protesting the Glazer ownership forced a delay to United's match with Liverpool, Roy Keane and Gary Neville have had their say.

Speaking to Sky Sports on the coverage of the match, Keane said he was supportive of the fans' protests.

Roy Keane

“I have sympathy with the fans, 100%. It is a tipping point for them. It was peaceful. One or two bottles were thrown and a couple of flares - I think that was towards Jamie [Carragher], to be fair - but they’ve had enough.

"Enough is enough. United have some of the best fans in the world and we’ve seen today that they’ve come to the end with the ownership of the club. United fans obviously want the Glazers out.

"I think this is the start of it, they won't take too much notice of it... but they might stop coming to matches."

Keane took issue with Graeme Souness' assertion that this won't affect the Glazers 'one iota'.

"There has always been an undercurrent of dissatisfaction with the Glazers and it has come to a head over the last few weeks. But it has been there - they could sell United tomorrow and make fortunes.

"If United fans want them out, then this is just the start of it."

Gary Neville

Keane's former United teammate Gary Neville believes the Glazers should now sell the club.

“I think it would be the right thing to do for the Glazers to sell. Whether they will is another matter. I’ve seen the 50+1 protests - I don’t think that’s implementable in English football, as great as it potentially would be.

"What I do think is achievable in English football at this time if that every fan in this country - whether it’s an EFL club or a National League club that’s struggling and dying like you wouldn’t believe, whether it’s grassroots facilities in the community and you can’t afford to keep your pitches in a good state, whether you’re the 14 Premier League clubs outside the top six - you really know that you’re in danger from those six.

“So what’s achievable? There’s a fan-led review that’s been announced in the last week by the government, and there is independent regulation that could be achievable if fans mobilise together.

"We need to make sure there are protections put in place against these six owners. They are a danger to English football and to one of the greatest assests England has. Big Picture, they put a proposal forward and it was kicked back. Then they said they’d signed up to the European Super League, which took it a stage further.

"The next time, you won’t get asked. They’ll just leave. They’re not going away.”

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