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Roy Keane slams Michael Carrick and Manchester United 'pals act'

Roy Keane is not one to hold his tongue and the Corkman offered up a withering assessment of Mich...

Roy Keane is not one to hold his tongue and the Corkman offered up a withering assessment of Michael Carrick's post-match comments following their 1-1 draw with Chelsea.

Carrick, guided the Red Devils this week following Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's dismissal, winning 2-0 against Villareal in the Champions League before Sunday's stalemate at Stamford Bridge.

The former United and Spurs midfielder praised his players for their effort against Chelsea, while also questioning the referee's decision to award Chelsea a penalty.

Keane insisted that the decision was the correct one and also disagreed with Carrick's assessment of the game.

"I disagree with everything Carrick said during that interview," Keane said.

"He is talking about a plan, he is talking about the penalty. We have all looked at it. It is a penalty.

"He is talking about the player's efforts. He is proud of them? He has been working with the players for the last few months.

"He was alongside Solskjaer. He was in the United dugout with Solskjaer, now all of a sudden he is proud of them this week and they had a plan? What about all the other games they had?

"Why are they not making more of an effort in all of the other games? Why are they not closing down people in the other games? He is praising the player for doing their jobs."

Carrick is only there in a temporary capacity and it has long been noted that United's problems lie much deeper than the manager's role. Keane accused his former club of ineptitude over the last decade, particularly around the appointments that have been made across the board.

"I get the impression at Manchester United the last few years, whether it be the backroom staff or people upstairs- there is an element now at United, [giving] jobs for the boys you know?

"Wink, wink, look after each other, know the right people and that is why they are what eighth or ninth in the league?"

Ralf Rangnick is set to take over at the club as interim coach until the end of the season. Keane stressed the importance of the new man making the right decisions for the club moving forward.

"We hope whoever comes into the club starts making the right decisions, getting the right people in for the job." Keane continued.

"Not because you might know somebody or because they are a decent guy.

"You have got to work with decent people who are good at their jobs.

"I have studied Manchester United for the last few years and the changes they are making. I am not necessarily sure they are getting the right people for the right jobs.

"There is definitely a bit of a pals act going on at United, without a doubt."

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