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'The whole system stinks' | Graeme Souness defends Man City over Champions League ban

Graeme Souness feels that Manchester City have been unfairly dealt with in regards to their two-y...

Graeme Souness feels that Manchester City have been unfairly dealt with in regards to their two-year ban from the Champions League.

The Liverpool legend was speaking at Off The Ball’s Alex Hotel Roadshow in association with Virgin Media Sport and stated that he believes City are not the only ones that have broken the financial fair play rules.

“I’m reluctant to criticise them. Have you been to east Manchester? You really have to go there to see. They’ve not just built a football club.

“The infrastructure in that part of east Manchester - whatever they’ve spent on the football team I’d say they’ve spent twice as much on east Manchester. It’s not all bad for them.

“I don’t believe they’re the only guilty ones. I think there’s a very obvious one out there that’s equally as guilty,” Souness said.

The Scotsman believes that the rules are in place to benefit the ‘big’ European clubs and make it impossible for smaller clubs to end up on the same level as those big clubs.

“The whole system stinks. It was created by big clubs to protect themselves. If you’re a big club and you generate €250 million, €300 million, €400 million from all your incomes you can spend a percentage of that and you’re not breaking the financial fair play.

“If you’re a small club and you’re not generating that money but you have a benefactor that’s willing to put money down - you can’t break into the cartel of big clubs. I think this story has got a long way to run.

“I think it would be wrong to prejudge any of it. I think this could go on for years and years and years,” Souness commented.

'I don't believe they're the only ones'

The former Scotland international also felt that Man City have improved the standard of the Premier league overall and that they will fight tooth and nail to have the decision overturned.

“I don’t believe they’ll be the only ones. I don’t think Man City are alone or that they’ll be the only ones in the dock. I think there’s a lot of water to go under the bridge in this.

“I’m sure they’ll have the smartest lawyers in the world arguing their cause. But again, I’ll come back to for the sake of the Premier League.

“As we sit here right now, has Manchester City enhanced the Premier League? I think you have to say yes. For the players they’ve brought to the Premier League,” Souness said.

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