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Tottenham and Qatar are a 'marriage of convenience'

Are Tottenham about to become a state-backed club?

Evening Standard journalist Dan Kilpatrick joined The Football Show to discuss the potential sale of Tottenham.

Daniel Levy was appointed chairman of Tottenham football club in 2001.

Since then, the team has had some real on-field success when they reached the Champions League initially led by Gareth Bale. And then they reached the Champions League final led by Harry Kane. But for the most part, Tottenham fans aren't happy with the direction of the club.

Levy is generally willing to spend money and make aggressive moves, but too often he doesn't make the right moves.

His perception is that of someone who meddles where he shouldn't. As recently as this week fans have chanted for him to leave the club and that's not a recent development.

But Levy seemingly has no desire to depart Tottenham.

Instead, he is seeking out a minority investor who can help the team compete financially with the likes of Manchester City and Chelsea. That has reportedly led him to Qatar. Levy reportedly met with the owners of PSG this week to discuss a potential investment worth £1 billion for 25% of the club.

This could push Tottenham into a new stratosphere.

The club at the moment is rebuffing the idea that any meeting took place, explains Dan Kilpatrick.

"The club vehemently denies this meeting happened," Kilpatrick said.

"They are adamant the last time Levy and Al Khalifi met was last year in Doha. At a UEFA meeting. But from what I've heard it did take place. They did meet in a London hotel and an equity stake in Tottenham was among the things they discussed.

"So we have conflicting reports on this meeting."

Kilpatrick explains that all the numbers add up on both sides for Tottenham and Qatar. Emboldened by the World Cup, Qatar want to invest even more into football to continue to grow their power. Frustrated by their on-field struggles, Tottenham are desperate for money to compete at the top.

"[It could be] a marriage of convenience. Certainly Qatar are looking to invest in more European clubs. They're looking to expand their sports portfolio. They're particularly interested in the Premier League. Tottenham would welcome a minority investor. I think that's fair to say.

"They want more money to spend and that means doing something similar to what West Ham have done with Daniel Kretinsky, the Czech billionaire.

"Selling 20-25% of the club, I think that could appeal to Daniel Levy."

But how will fans feel welcoming a Qatari investment? Many won't care, but for many others it's another concerning move in a sport that is quickly losing its identity.

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