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When Bobby Charlton told John Giles to 'F Off'

John Giles recounts a time he was put in his place by former England legend Bobby Charlton while playing for Manchester United.

John Giles played with Bobby Charlton at Manchester United during the early stages of his career.

John Giles joined Nathan Murphy in studio on Thursday's Off The Ball to discuss his time at Manchester United.

Matt Busby is a legendary manager. He's known for building and rebuilding great Manchester United teams, as well as being the manager of the Busby Babes. John Giles spoke at length about the Munich Air Disaster, Busby and playing in England at that time on Thursday night.

During the conversation, he also told a story about Bobby Charlton.

"Bobby was the best player I played with or against," Giles said.

"He was just fantastic. In many ways it sounds odd but he wasn't that enjoyable to play with. It sounds odd. When I got in the team I played inside right, Bobby was inside left. There was a lot of times Bobby would get the ball and he'd be in a good position.

"A lot of the time you wouldn't get [a pass], sometimes you would but most times you wouldn't. But if you were just about to say 'For *&$*sake Bobby', Bobby's beaten three or four players and with either foot smacked it in the top corner.

"You couldn't say anything to him.

"I'll give you an example. When you played inside right and inside left in those days, when the ball goes dead, behind the goals, that's a time you get back to positions. In other words, I'm the inside right, Bobby's on the left side.

"But when that happened, Bobby used to wander over to me.

"I said 'Bobby, push over.'

"After three times, Bobby turns around 'F OFF' and leave me alone.

"I couldn't say anything. I was three years younger than him. It was mainly when he got the ball and you were in a good position. You were told at Old Trafford when someone was in a good position to let the ball go quick.

"Bobby scored 270 odd goals as a genuine midfielder. At the same time scoring 50 odd goals, the leading scorer for England. But I never had a discussion about the game with Bobby, he was never interested."

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