Ruby Walsh fears the affects social media may have on children

The legendary Irish jockey reveals why he stepped away from social media

BY Niall McGrath 15:08 Wednesday 7 February 2018, 15:08 7 Feb 2018

Image: ©INPHO/Morgan Treacy

Ruby Walsh has opened up on why he removed himself from social media.The Irish racing legend has closed all his social media accounts.

 “What difference does it make, what somebody online thinks,’ said Walsh

 The champion jockey is concerned at the state of the Internet, especially the affect it may have on the youth in society.

 Walsh joined OTB AM to discuss a range of issues, including social media and modern technology in society.

 “I stepped out of the cyber world. I think the cyber world will be a massive issue, down the line. It’s spiraling out of control. I think it’s ungoverned. Newspapers can’t write, what individuals write in the cyber world.”

 While Walsh is not concerned about what people post about him on social media, he is worried about ramifications it may have for future generations, including his children. He says it may have an affect on children’s innocence because of the lack of regulations in place.

 “I’m not on it but I do worry about my kids, about how smartphones and the cyber world will affect their lives. I don’t think it will be an innocent and nice a life, as I grew up in. I don’t know if that will make for a better population, a better place or a better world. “

 The Kildare man also worries for children on the other side of the coin, who don’t have smartphones. He fears they may face the wrath of fellow classmates for not having the technology.

 “Sure, the other side of the coin is. ‘They might be bullied for not having one?”

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