"There's been plenty of good horses trained on the beach" - Damien English

The trainer joined Friday Night Racing on Off the Ball

BY Simon Maguire 17:52 Friday 28 September 2018, 17:52 28 Sep 2018

Damien English joined Johnny Ward and John Duggan for this week's edition of Friday Night Racing.  

The jockey-turned flat trainer spoke of his love of training and how he approaches his craft, telling John: "Every on of them is different - you cannot train them all the same. They all have their little quirks, their little personalities.

"And, that's one thing we do - we never train them all the same. Some horses need a lot more short, fast work while other horses need a lot more rest. It's just figuring each horse out and that's what I love. 

"I love getting a horse out in the yard and just finding out how I can get him into the best physical condition to produce his best on the race course and that's what I love doing - I get a real pleasure out of that." 

English trains his horses on the beach and he believes the change of scenery helps invigorate the animals who have become stuck in a rut: "That makes it even more special because horses coming from big yards and are on walkers or gallops and doing the same thing day-in, day-out.

"It's totally different - it's something that's never done. If you get a horse that's a bit sick of it and just kind of fed up, we'll just bring him down to the beach. There's been plenty of good horses trained on the beach.

"What we do, we have a whole system and they do their little canter, they'll walk in the sea and they'll roll in sand. We'll take the sack off them and roll in the sand. After a while, all the horses associate going to the beach with is that roll in the sand - they're like kids getting loose in the playground."

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