"I was surrounded by serial winners, I fed off that" - Graeme Souness shares his experience on the European stage

The three time European Cup winner spoke to Off The Ball this evening

Liverpool face Sevilla tomorrow night in the Europa League final and while big stages like these aren't lost on the club, this will be their first European final in over a decade.

Speaking on tonight's Off The Ball, former Liverpool footballer and manager, Graeme Souness, shared his experience on the European stage.

"It was very different for me because, I think I was 23, but I had gone to Liverpool who were the current champions" he said of the European Cup final in 1978.

"I felt completely relaxed. Of course I was very excited to play in that game in at that sort of crowd, but we were more than confident we were going to win. I was in the dressing room with big name people who were serial winners. It was easy to feel slightly more relaxed because, in contrast to the Cup final tomorrow night where none of them have ever won before, I was with serial winners.

"There was a calmness and confidence about them which I fed off."

A career which included playing and managing at the highest level in England, Souness says that the nights in European remain some of the highlights of his career.

"I've been so lucky, far better players than me have never won a carrot. I think I've won, including management, 25 or 26 trophies. It's really hard to pick one particular moment, but looking back those are all very, very special nights. 

"I think my highlight was winning the European Cup on my last game for Liverpool in Rome. We weren't expected to win that but we did."